Saturday, January 23, 2016

Suffering Is Also a Kind of Beauty

A Page from the Heart, Part I

Q: Rinpoche, I am going through the worst suffering ever. If I ask you to help guide me, will I be able to find the exit?

A: Actually, I feel much like you do, but I’m getting something different out of the experience. These days we incessantly hear talk of unemployment, poverty, disease, anxiety, insomnia, and other, unnamed suffering. Yet people never find any inspiration in their negative emotions, learn anything from their failures, nor experience awakening during their depression. In fact, this is showing disrespect to your own life and could be considered an unfair and extremely condescending attitude. I believe life’s elegance can only be glimpsed at the saddest, most pained and most dejected of times. I often see the dawn of a new beginning at times of disappointment, the radiance of human nature in times of pain, and am often the one person who feels joy in an atmosphere which most people find disagreeable. Most importantly, I hope that everyone can discover genuine non-differentiation in observing their dismay, disappointment, and suffering, and I especially hope they reach a state of understanding that suffering and happiness are in fact one and the same. In that case, who could say that suffering is not also a kind of beauty?

Originally posed on: Shang Longrik Gyatso's Facebook Page

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