Thursday, January 28, 2016

Even Good Dharma is Corrupted by the Devious

A Page from the Heart, Part 3
Q:  Rinpoche, how come the Dharma you teach is different from that of others? It feels as though, unlike the way some old monks lectured in the past, you simply just chat casually with people.
A:  Indeed, in this era, to teach those who are at the beginning stage of learning the Dharma, conventional or standardized methods are no longer suitable because they either swiftly send the audience to dreamland or they leave them feeling immensely alienated, to the point of losing them altogether.
A wise person will face and deal with everyone, everything, and every circumstance at any given time and place with gratitude. Those without wisdom, however, repay care and concern with jealousy and anger. To distinguish a good person from a bad one is as easy as telling black from white. A bad person will not see their own shortcomings, and instead, exhaust their excuses and try to rationalize their faults even to the point of pinning them onto others. A kind person, on the other hand, will examine themselves at any given moment and willingly accept criticism and suggestions from others. They will also reflect on whether they're acting appropriately moment by moment through their body, speech, and mind. All in all, a truly virtuous person can transform even the most evil practice into an honorable one, while even the good Dharma will become corrupt in the hands of the devious.

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