Thursday, October 9, 2014

Open Mind, by Eric Lussier

"Allow the mind to be truly open.  This open mind is not totally relaxed, but rather so clear to you that you remain unperturbed.  Original mind is naked, but we decorate it beyond recognition.  Mind is unrestricted, boundless.  If it were limited, it would be just like our ordinary emotions.  The mind of a practitioner, however, is like a cloud in the sky, or water trickling unobstructed down the rocks and into the ocean, effortless."
Shang Longrik Gyatso Rinpoche Blog Image
Reflections by Eric Lussier from Canada
Before I moved to Taiwan, I backpacked through Nepal with my brother.  Whilst there, I had an experience that changed my life, which led me to the thought as to the deep potential of the mind’s reach and how incapable conventional methods were of getting me there.  So, I decided to seek for the truth behind my life and completely stop using drugs.  I was taking a meditation and reiki class at the time and enjoyed it very much.  When I first arrived in Taiwan, I continued with my daily meditation practice. However I soon became lazy and unmotivated (mostly because I wasn't seeing the results that I was expecting), and after two months I almost completely stopped practicing.

Then six months later I met Rinpoche, who reignited my search. Studying with him, I have found the motivation to search again. I am learning how to face and understand myself more clearly, to lead a more fruitful and less selfish life, be more willing and more able to help others, calm my mind and be more patient. This has brought me plenty of happiness in my life.

Taiwan is an amazing place to live, but really, the main reason that I have stayed so long is because of the classes and teachings that are offered by Rinpoche. I'm not only continuing my seeking, but also learning about Chinese medicine, the Chinese and Tibetan languages, qigong, taiji, kungfu and traditional Chinese tea-making.

I have definitely seen improvements in all parts of my life. To sum up my feelings about learning with Rinpoche, I'd like to quote some words of wisdom from Eddie Vedder in the movie Into the Wild:
“I’ve got this light, and the will to show, I will always be better than before."

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