Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meeting Shang Rinpoche, by David Edsall

Class Shang Rinpoche Taiwan Students
Reflections by David Edsall, USA
I can still remember the first time I met Shang Rinpoche. It was during a meditation class for internationals living in Taipei on a Sunday evening about five years ago. During the time before Rinpoche arrived, we were at a break time and everyone was talking, laughing and some were even dancing about. To be honest, I was wondering what sort of meditation group I had gotten myself involved in where everything was this chaotic. Once Rinpoche arrived, however, the entire mood of the place changed. Just by walking into the room, Rinpoche changed the entire atmosphere; everyone calmed downed and sat down. At that point, people asked him questions to which he would always have an incredibly insightful, and sometimes very humorous, reply.

It wasn't too long afterwards that I realized I had stumbled upon the teacher I had been looking for. Although I have met many great teachers in my years, I had never met anyone who has been able to see through the fog and mist and perceive the exact nature and cause of the problems of others as well as Rinpoche is able to. He can see into the cause of people's afflictions and then, through his great wisdom, is able to find a way to help them overcome their issue. At times, it may be a reassuring word and boost of confidence, others it may be a lighthearted and humorous reply to calm the person down, and, at other times, a challenging question that will push them into their fear so that they can face it and overcome it. Regardless of the person or situation, Shang Rinpoche has a way of relating to people of all walks of life.

It's been five years now since I first met Rinpoche and my life has been enriched from this experience. Studying with Rinpoche has been entertaining, refreshing and, yet, challenging as well. It has enabled me to face and overcome my problems and become a better person in the process.

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