Friday, October 17, 2014

Compassion, by David Edsall

Shang Longrik Gyatso Rinpoche Student
David Edsall
United States

Recently, I was at a presentation where the topics all focused on making more money, losing weight and looking good. People were cheering and hollering at the people who had succeeded in losing weight and making money. I found myself increasingly uneasy at this. Why were people so focused on such superficial and inconsequential issues? Didn't they realize that there was more to life?

Eventually, some people came up to give their story of success. Most of them cried as they said how they had a hard or poor upbringing. Some of them had been made fun of for being fat or having pimples over their face. It occurred to me, then, that I was being incredibly judgmental and uncompassionate. I realized, at that point, that everyone there was just searching for a way to be happy and free of suffering. This realization actually made me feel much more comfortable and able to relate to the others there.
Rinpoche had told me that I suffered from too much pride and I was able to see it now. In this situation, I was too prideful and had felt I was somehow above this. Shang Rinpoche also speaks greatly of compassion and thinking of others before oneself. At this presentation, I, eventually, realized I was being self-centered and I was not thinking of everyone there and their situation.

Through this experience, I saw more clearly that we must be less self-centered and more compassionate as Rinpoche has taught. By doing so, not only will we be more comfortable in situations but others will be more comfortable being with us. It's a win-win situation; everyone benefits from someone who uses compassion.

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  1. That's really nice, David. Good turn around of your mind. :)