Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Consultation Beyond the Clouds, by Shang Rinpoche

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Modern corporations definitely need a system of administration to serve as a network of advisors and assistant managers since only through actual analysis and management are company directors able to make very accurate policies and decisions. Current world trends are headed in a direction where not only personal enterprises, but also commercial businesses, corporations, for-profit organizations, and even government organizations and a few charities are vying to start these kinds of administrative systems, and are seeking assistance and advice to do so. In England and the USA, even renowned old schools such as Cambridge, and the University of Pennsylvania, which was the first school in the US to establish a school of professional studies in the 80s, are doing so. Additionally, in the early 90s, in order to adjust to the trends of society and the business world, an MBA degree was established in England. 

Since business management has become such an important industry in this century, an abundance of commerce and management consulting firms have popped up. These consultant firms, with their set system and strategies are indeed able to inject some fresh energy and boost the morale of those managers who are at a complete loss with what to do with the company’s management system and tactics. I once read an interview of former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the Wall Street Journal where he was asked if he were elected what he would do to reduce the government’s organizations and institutions. He answered, “I will probably adopt the policies proposed by McKinsey & Company as my main reference for reducing tactics, or I might even just bring in McKinsey.”

McKinsey & Company is a firm that has been established since 1920. Founder James McKinsey showed interest in studying philosophy and logic and his thinking skills and competitive nature were legendary. He was able to take a conventional system of fixed hierarchical management and rearrange it into an incredibly forward-thinking and innovative set of theories. He helped many corporate enterprises reduce costs and revitalize themselves. Even though he died young his spirit and legacy extend around the world. For example, Louis V. Gerstner, who revived IBM, originally worked at McKinsey, and when J.P. Morgan was facing financial difficulty they also turned to McKinsey. From this we can see that all over the world, no matter what the industry, any group that has even the slightest scope of an organizational system, whether corporate groups or large institutions, will definitely have some kind of relationship with a business management consultant. Especially when a company is faced with a crisis or on the verge of collapse, they will look everywhere to find an efficient think-tank or modern day Zhuge Liang to get them out of their troubles.

Every person, in every lifetime, throughout the journey of their lives, due to the influence of their karma, whether to a greater or lesser extent, will definitely be faced with suffering, failures, extreme pain caused by temporary errors, or falling from a steep cliff due to ignorance, and many people due to lack of foresight, wisdom and clarity suffer continual defeat. Although as Darwin pointed out, “It’s not necessarily the strongest or smartest species that survive, on the contrary it’s those that can adapt to changes in their environment.” But every person you encounter, although constantly fighting in a tug-o-war with reality, people who are successful are extremely rare, and I believe that many people other than totally agreeing with this, would just shake their heads and sigh, saying that nothing can be done.

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Buddha Shakyamuni achieved enlightenment at an auspicious time and spent forty years spreading his ideas. Every one of these teachings closely suits the needs of modern people, whether dealing with life, social behavior, a longevity elixir, the key to wisdom, or the merits needed to accumulate wealth. In the forty years that Buddha Shakyamuni taught, he already gave us everything we need, occasionally giving the best empowerments to the masses, sometimes passing on teachings to bodhisattvas with karmic connections, or perhaps giving teachings based on the listeners’ capacities, bringing about the happiness and contentment of sentient beings. In fact, Buddha Shakyamuni’s wisdom was great enough to save the ignorant, the delusive, and be the best advisor for the many people that have unscrupulously achieved fame, power, and profit. The Tripitaka (the Buddhist canon) is basically pearls of wisdom and exactly what modern people need word-for-word, offering solutions for every modern trade operation, and it's available free of charge. All that is required is the self-nature that we all posses as well as a mind of faith and respect, and you can definitely be saved from troubled waters, and painful times. This is the truth, not a word of it a lie.

This is a small portion of how I, Shang Longrik Gyatso Rinpoche, answered some major industry CEO disciples the other day in a discussion over tea.

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